Extending your team with peace of mind.

Most MSP's look for teams which can dedicated to their business specifically. MSP Heros have designed considering all the experience and work over all these years for 2 layers of dedicated Support. There is no rocket science on which is best fit for your business. Hire our Engineers and extend your team. As follows

MSP Desktop Hero

MSP's who need Level 1 and Basic Desktop Troubleshooting Activities.

Expected Deliverables from this profile engineers

  • RMM Alert Monitoring and Remediation
  • Windows Desktop Troubleshooting
  • Application installation and configuration
  • Antivirus Installation
  • User Service Requests
  • Microsoft Office Troubleshoot
  • Microsoft Outlook and Email Configurations
  • Printer and hardware installations
  • VPN User Management
  • Backup Management
  • Server Reboot
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Customer Onboard/Offboard
  • Helpdesk Requests for Desktops

MSP Server Hero

MSP's that look for helping hands on Server administration and management.

  • Server management
  • Windows Active Directory management
  • Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 management
  • Server Performance Troubleshooting
  • Event Log Audit and Remediation
  • Virtual machine configuration and management
  • Microsoft Outlook and Email Configurations
  • Domain Name Servers and DHCP management
  • Windows Azure Server management and Configuration
  • Microsoft Basic Azure Resource Management and configuration.
  • Windows Security Audits
  • Windows Security and Share Permissions Management
  • Assisting MSP's on Escalated Issues from the customer environment.

Why MSP Heros Dedicated Engineers?


Your banner our dedicated team.

Trained Engineers

Dedicated engineers are highly trained on MSP tools, technologies and processed followed by your business.

Instant Delivery of Services

Less time for onboarding and instant delivery of services.

Extended Team

Enabling your Support team to maximum support hours and additional technical skills.


Scale the team as your business grows.

Custom Support

Defined your own set of services and we shall deliver.

How it works ?

  • Customer Need

    MSP Heros Sales team will understand the need and current support structure including Technical Skill sets required.

  • Engineer Evaluation

    Our team evaluates and finds the right candidate externally. Assessments and interview process are conducted.

  • Customer Interaction

    Your team can evaluate the engineer based on the profile shared and certify the approval for next steps.

  • MSP Onboarding

    We handhold the engineer along with one of our transition managers to your team. This process may take few days as well.

  • Kick Off

    Once the engineer and your team is comfortable, we deploy the engineer as a dedicated team member for your business.

  • Feedback

    After an initial period of 30 days, we gather feedback and act upon them to improve anything needed.

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Customer Testimonials

MSP Heros have done a great job for us on variety of tasks. They are consistent, precise and reliable. They also have expertise in a wide variety of techologies and eager to do a good job by following accurate process and feedback. It has been a pleasure to work with them so far.

-President, MSP based in Oakville, ON