Extending your MSP Support Team

Managed Service Providers have been finding ways and means to offload much work possible to Third Party vendors. In a constant effort to do so, they need to ensure that their services are delivered quickly and precisely. Additionally, they are ready to spend some time towards training on hired engineers. Here are challenges that come across while hiring team externally and need to be tackled.

Extend your team
  1. Knowledge on Tools - Please verify that the hired resource has enough experience and knowledge on your business tools. Mainly PSA, RMM and IT Documentation Portals.
  2. Business knowledge - You will need to explain the business to your new hired team including hierarchy and communication mechanisms to your internal and external customers or vendors.
  3. Communication - While hiring and engineer, we will need to verify communication and documentation skills. Clear and precise documentation forms basis for any support.
  4. Customer Handling Skills - Apart from managing tools and technologies, your newly appointed team member needs to be polite and informative while communicating with the customers. Managing customers always remains the focus for any service indsutry.
  5. Team Player - Your team member needs to respected each others and understand their strengths and weakness. Unless there is a great co-ordination and communication between, efforts shall be multiplied. Keeping everyone informed and together is a task for most business owners.

At MSP Heros, we under the MSP business from pin to pen. While we help MSP's with offering them the right resources, we also ensure that they suit the team perfectly. Most of the times business owners are in a hurry to get the resources and deliver services quickly. At MSP Heros, we have a stringent process that involves feedback, communication and process including business owners and their team as well.

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