Leveraging Managed NOC services for MSP's.

Today most MSP's have their NOC and helpdesk services either outsourced or managed internally. But some times they are stuck with either standard service offerings or with Services which are tied to fixed contracts and fees per month. This makes them look to adapt and fit through either the NOC service provider or move away from custom service offerings. Many of the MSP's decide to offer very less through their RMM and decide to keep it minimum. Now another challenge is security and that is why they are relectuant to share all the information.

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Imagine someone sitting right next to you in the office as a co-worker and logging right into your own tools with the exact set of security measures set for each one of then. Will it be easier to work with such a team or be worried about access to other service providers ensuring they do not breach something. Also, would it be easier to manage everything like your own team.

At MSP Heros, we extend your team by learning your process and policies. We use your own tools and also learn your business closely. We integrate our team with your team as a single team and follow everything as a normal practice. Scale your business and expand your technical skill offerings as well.

Surprise --- We do all these things at a fixed fee per hour............ Yes, you heard it right.... PER HOUR for Tier Levels of work. This may be Tier 1 and Tier 2. No surprises and no commitments. We do not ask you to modiy your service offerings or change anything for your business.

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